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Project Description

Alkaline Purifier


A direct water purifier that is purified in real time without a reservoir.

Model EGH-450 Water Intake Push Button
Water Dispensing Valve Non Electric Direct Dispensing Valve Rated Capacity 951gallons (3,600 L)
Rated Service Flow 0.5 gal/min at 60 psi Maximum Working Pressure 100 psi(689 kPa)
Operating Temperature 100℉ (37.8°C)/40℉ (4.4°C) Function Ambient
Clean Water Type UF Type
Filter Filtration stage

Multiplicate PreCarbon Block +Hydrogen Mix Filter(6 Months)

Multiplicate PreCarbon Block +Hydrogen Mix Filter (Exchange Period : 6 months) Remove impurities such as soil, sand, and rust, remove organic compounds and odors.

UF Filter (12 months)

UF Filter (Exchange cycle: 12 months) Filters that remove various bacteria, viruses, and bacteria while passing through minerals in the water

Post Carbon+ Alkaline Filter (12 Months)

Post Carbon+ Alkaline Filter(Exchange Cycle: 12 months)Adsorption removes unpleasant odors, tastes, and pigmentsin the water, making it clean, colorless, odorless water, and FIters that supplement minerals to improve water taste.