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Project Description

Hydrogen Water Purifier


EG Tec’s self-developed water purifier specialized products, including its hydrogen generator moduler.

Product Specification
  • No worries about bacteria or impurities due to no water tank as a direct water supply type.
  • The dissolved hydrogen concentration is above 1000ppb in real time
  • Abundant water flow rate : 1.3 liter / min. Excellent durability in various environments.
  • Ultra-compact size makes it easy to install in any space and the design is stylish and fits in any space.
  • Discharge OH and ozone by PEM system (no odor of ozone in the water.)
  • Securing performance of electrolyzer durability by using reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Produce high concentration of water(Irrespective of water type)
  • Blue LED function is convenient when using the product.
  • Excellent stability of power supply using low voltage DC power supply.
Model EGT-500 Water Intake Faucet
Power consumptionValve 80W DH concentration Over 1000 ppb
ORP -450 ~ -580mV Using temp. range  5 ~ 40℃
Supply waterpressure  0.2 ~ 0.6 Mpa(2~6.1kgf/cm2 ) Supply water type Drinkable water(Tab water)
Mainbody weight  About 4.5 Kgf Dimension W 119 × D363 × H 340 mm
Input power 0V ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60 Hz  Usage Home use
Filter Filtration stage


 (Exchange Period : 12 months)

This filter made of activated carbon removes chlorine
to prevent hydrolysis of membrane and adsorbs
Hollow fiber membrane filter of a micro-scale pore size
harmful organic chemicals from feed water.
has a selective function filtering unwanted chemicals
and microorganisms (ex. bacteria, fungi, algae) while
allowing the benefical minerals to go through.