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Project Description

Under sink Hydrogen Generator


Hydrogen Water Generators Maximizing the Strengths of All Functions, such as Economical, Convenience, and Functionality
The world’s first groundbreaking EG Tec’s hydrogen generator that connects to any RO water purifier to make hydrogen water.
It is an economical product that can be used even if connected to an existing water purifier. including its hydrogen generator moduler.

Model EGU-900 Power consumption 60 ~ 100 W
DH concentration Over 1000 ppb  ORP  -400 ~ -580 mV
Using temp. range 5 ~ 40 ℃  Supply waterpressure 0 ~ 0.35 Mpa( 0 ~ 3.6 kgf/cm )
Supply water type  RO water or bottled water Dimension W 237 X D 92 X H 233 mm
Hydrogen generationmethod Real time mixing water with hydrogen  Input power 12 V 8.3 A
Usage Home use