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Project Description

Water Purifier


Product Specification
  • Built-in high-performance booster pump produces abundant ow at any water pressure.
  • The three-stage filter lets you drink clean water without worrying about germs and bacteria.
  • Hygienic direct water purifier cleans in real time without a reservoir.
  • It can be installed anywhere with electricity regardless of water pressure and piping.
  • Easy installation by anyone without experts.
  • Soft LED light makes it easy to use even in the dark and interior eect with space-saving structure.
Key Specification
Model EGW-200P Power consumption 16 W
Using temp. range 5 ~ 40 ℃ Supply water type Bottled water or Low pressure water
Dimension W 237 X D 92 X H 233 mm Input power  24 V 1 A
Usage  Home use
Filter Filtration stage

Sediment Filter( 3 months )

This sediment filter reduces sediment particles such as dirt and sand down to nominal micron in size from feed water and protects membrane and pre-carbon filter.

Carbon Filter (6 months)

This carbon filter made of activated carbon removes chlorine to prevent hydrolysis of membrane and adsorbs harmful organic chemicals from feed water.

Membrane Filter (12 Months)

Membrane filter of a micro-scale pore size has a selective function filtering unwanted chemicals and microorganisms (ex. bacteria, fungi, algae) while allowing the benefical minerals to go through.