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Project Description

Shower Filter


Recero vitamin C Shower Filter, which Vitamin C contains 700 times more than lemon. removes 99,9% of chlorine, rust and impurities.
It makes your skin clear and transparent and also has moisturizing effects to make elastic hair.

Product Specification
  • Vitamin C is separated into vitamins water and hydrogen chloride upon contact with hypochlorous acid remove residual chlorine and purifies it with clean water.
  • Vitamin C , an antioxidant, makes your skin clear and transparent and protects your hair flexibly with moisturizing effects.
Key Specification
Model Lecero Product Name Lecero vitamin shower filter Lemon, Lavender, Rose, Forest
Product Use Shower filter Product weight 148g(Cartridge 86g)
Ingredient Vitamin C, Mandelic Acid, eggplant extract,Huttuynia cordata extract, ceramide Applied temperature 4℃~ 50℃
Expiration date 3 month from manufacturing date