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EG TEC is a creator and leader of water technology
for human health life.


Starting from development of water related product since 2010,
EGT is a specialized company in developing hydro health related product at present

In the domestic market also, hydrogen (fueled) car is being test operated based on eco-friendly fuel of dream that does not emit exhaust at all. Second is hydrogen nuclear fusion generation. 7 countries including Korea, the USA, Europe, China, Japan, Russia and India are progressing the biggest joint project in the human history by constructing artificial solar power plant on the Earth aiming at its commercial operation in 2040. Its goal is to convert fossil fuel energy times to hydrogen nuclear fusion energy times as a clean energy of dream. exhaust at all.First is the automotive sector. Hydrogen vehicles are being tested in Korea. It is a pollution-free dream fuel that does not generate any smoke at all.

The second is hydrogen fusion. Korea, the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Russia, and India It is the largest joint project in human history. Artificial solar power plant on Earth Construction. We aim to commercialize in 2040. In the era of petroleum energy We are aiming at the transition to the hydrogen fusion energy age, which is the clean energy of dreams.
Third, it is hydrogen health times. The fact that hydrogen has close relation with our health has been proved by numerous reports recently. Hydrogen is an essential element for maintaining life support of living organism. Hydrogen is remarkably effective not only for health but also for beauty. In addition, it plays an important role in growth for both human being and animal, plants. Industry relevant to hydrogen is very diversified.

Now is the times of hydrogen.

EGT is a professional small giant company relevant to hydrogen health contributing to our contemporary and future world
based on useful and wise technology. Motto of EGT is enjoying challenge, customer-oriented management and
social contribution through valuable future creation in hydro health field.

Hydrogen Story


Base on reliable technology EG Tec provides our customers with optimal
product base on the product of best quality.

R&D and production of hydro related product such as hydro water purifier, hydro shower.

Developement and production of water purifier related product and parts.

Developement and production of environment related product and beauty devise.


  • 05 Developement of electrolytic cell module for large capacity hydro water purifier and patent application under progress.
  • 08 World first development of hydro water purifier for large capacity PEM mode shower.
  • 10 Development of portable hydro water purifier of high concentration membrane >>>
  • 05 Developement of electronic module of hydro water purifier.
  • 08 Advanced development of hydro water purifier for half bath.
  • 05 Developement of valve system of water purifier and patented.
  • 08 Quality management system certified.(ISO)
  • 10 Development of hydro water purifier.
2013 .
  • 09 Developement of semi-conductor cooling module for hot, cold water purifier.
  • 10 Developement of UV sterilization lamp filter(tank type) and patened.
  • 10 Establishment of EG Tec annexed reserch institute.
  • 12 Design patent acquistion of water direction controlled purifier.
  • 03 Developement of instant water heating systen and patented.
  • 04 Received order of 50,000 sets of sparking mist from japen.
2011 .
  • 03 Developement of instant water heating systen and patented.
  • 09 Developement ofsemi-conductor cooling module for hot, cold water purifier.
  • 06 EG Tec Foundation
  • 07 Developement of cylinder type pressure reducing valve and patented.
  • 08 Developement of Booster pump for carbon, oxygen, hydro water purifier.(food grade)
  • 11 Developement of Safety coke for water purifier and patented.




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