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Project Description

Water Purifier Filter

EGUF-01, EGRO-01

  • An innovative water purification system created with
    EG TEC’s original patented technology.
  • Space-saving water purifier with compact size and
  • A compact water purifier that does not require additional
    equipment by attaching a valve and a pressure reducing unit.
  • It can be used as various types of systems such as UF, RO
    according to customer requirements.
  • In combination with EG TEC’s ER filter bracket, a multi-stage
    filter system can be freely configured.
  • Simple one-touch filter replacement system.
Model EWP-01 Product Name Pre Carbon,UF Membrane, Post Carbon,RO Membrane
Product Use Water Purifier filter Product weight
Ingredient Applied temperature 4℃~ 50℃
Expiration date 6 month,12 month,6 month